Far Horizon Bound

2nd November – 20th December 2019

Anji Timlin is the recipient of the Joan Day Painting Bursary for 2019. Anji proposed to create a body of work inspired by Elizabeth Southwart’s book ‘Brontë Moors and Villages, From Thornton to Haworth’ published in 1923 and recently discovered by the artist. Anji has been fascinated by Southwart’s book and the Brontë family’s 1820 journey from Thornton to Haworth and the dramatic landscapes that you may expect to find upon the way. 

This journey mirrors her own life trajectory from her upbringing around Thornton and Denholme (her father ran a business in the Wesleyan School on West Lane in Thornton) to where she has now returned to live, in Haworth. 

In this series of paintings, Anji has developed her painting practice whilst first hand experiencing the the wild-weathered, ever-changing Pennine landscape that surrounds the centre, and that once inspired the sisters’ writing. Anji’s depictions use layers-upon-layers and vibrant colours in an almost graphic way, whilst evoking a seasonal familiarity to her paintings.’

About Joan day…

The award is a tribute to Joan Day, a highly skilled painter who lived and worked in the West Yorkshire region for much of her life. It is an opportunity for the selected artist to make a new work using paint and present this as part of a debut solo exhibition in South Square’s main gallery

South Square Gallery 2019

Alice Withers

And as you gaze on this vast scene
Your thoughts will journey far,
Though hundred years should roll between
On Time’s swift-passing car’

Charlotte Brontë

Above is a small selection of paintings from the exhibition, more details of available paintings to follow soon…